Environmentally-Safe: Reusable Panty Liner by Rebelle Pads

New Delhi (India), February 27: Rebelle Pads often focus on the unpleasant aspects of menstruation and neglect to care for our bodies which are to work. As mothers, partners, siblings and friends, Rebelle Pads are usually placing the needs of others over our own needs.

The month of the month can also serve as a reminder to ensure you take time to care for your body. One of the best methods to care for your body is to select more safe personal care products such as reusable toilet paper. What precisely are they, as well as how do they function?


If you’re new to the world of reusable pantyliners or looking for an improved quality brand, you’ve found the right spot.

A majority of women were raised with female hygiene items that were disposable. The only choice was to go to the local drugstore and purchase the items available in plastic-backed, chlorine-bleached white cotton disposables. Sometimes, they were scented with a snarky scent. Not only did the expense of purchasing them month on month add up quickly, but they could also be challenging to use.

Reusable cotton pantyliners are an alternative to disposable menstrual products such as pads, liners, or disposable sanitary napkins. They can also be called cloth menstrual mama cloths, liners for menstrual or sanitary liners made of cloth, and they are easy to utilise.

The benefits of reusable pantyliners

  • You’ll reduce your expenses
  • They are more beneficial for your body
  • They may lower the risk of menstrual cramps, infections and the possibility of skin rashes
  • They are beneficial to the environment.
  • The liners for reusable pants are very comfortable
  • They are safe and will not let out

So keeping all above in mind, There was a new revolution created in the world of sanitary needs for women who stood alone to raise healthy and genuine products with the brand “Rebelle Pads”.

Founder’s Story

Rebellepads has come a long way since founding back in 2017. What started as merely an idea, led to a business plan, which developed into an online business serving customers from around the world.

Their drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed us to grow into the successful Online Sustainable Hygiene Products Store they are today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, they strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

The cause behind Rebelle, Malinee’s concern for the environment and empathetic understanding of women’s menstrual problems. Rebelle is a brand for women who choose pads that feel comfortable for them, give them a sense of freedom and would stand their ground to choose what is good for them.

The brand’s mission is to ensure all women have a ‘naturally comfortable period’. The brand’s philosophy empowers women to be themselves as they are, fully comfortable with themselves including in matters of how they choose to handle their periods.

Rebelle is not just a brand. It is about authentic living, in true freedom and in alignment with nature’s ways. Rebelle is an empowering tool.

Rebelle is the first brand in the cloth pads segment to introduce a combination of both light flow (Thin) and heavy flow (Thick) pads in a pack to support women as per their needs throughout the menstrual cycle.

A Final WORD

The ordinary course of menstrual cycles is to have them. However, what isn’t normal is the plethora of harmful chemicals used in traditional feminine hygiene products nowadays. From pesticides and synthetic ingredients to harsh perfumes and everything else, standard menstrual pads aren’t good for your health.

If you’re looking for pantyliners, look into organic cotton products and shop with an organisation that genuinely desires to provide clean and safe feminine hygiene products.

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