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GoRefurbo Product, the growing name for refurbished electronic gadgets bags 5 core in revenue; eyes 400% growth in the next financial year

The team behind the success of GoRefurbo Product New Delhi (India), April 20: Gurgaon-based tech start-up GoRefurbo Product, which is revolutionising the electronic goods industry by selling refurbished laptops with warranties, has recently announced its milestone of garnering a whopping 5 crore in revenue. Further, in the coming […]

Surya Jayraj Sets Up Surya Institute Of Film and Arts (SIFA) To Help Aspirants Build Successful Careers In The Indian Film Industry

The institute helps aspiring filmmakers, actors, writers, and other professionals live their Bollywood dreams New Delhi (India), April 20: Surya Ji Kamble, alias Surya Jayraj, has developed a platform for aspiring filmmakers and artists seeking careers in the Indian film industry. Creating platforms for new filmmakers can […]