NG-NeXT Embracing Change With The Excitement Of Onboarding Accomplished CSO

New Delhi (India), April 28: NG-NeXT has recently announced the appointment of their new Chief Sales Officer. The move comes as the company looks to expand its presence in the country with its innovative and cost-effective solutions. Staying true to its quest for recognizing only the best, the firm is excited to have the savvy and well-respected Vandana Hermina Vidyasagar as the company’s first Chief Sales Officer. In the Founder Nishant Gauraw’s attempt to follow the top-down approach in recruiting premia talent for leadership positions, onboarding the new CSO is the first step in the decided direction.

Vandana’s multi-faceted and well-rounded personality made her an ideal choice for this prestigious position. A polyglot, she can converse fluently in English, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi while aiming to better her educational grasp of French and Japanese. Her range of previously shouldered responsibilities across firms bears testimony to her mental acumen. She has worked with path breaking startups in the SaaS space, with key contributions as GM – Enterprise Sales at Ace Turtle and AVP – Sales at Talview, to name a few choicest picks from her impressive resume. A force to reckon with, Mr. Nishant believes in her abilities to take this disruptive technology firm to new heights of entrepreneurial success.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss,” and Mr. Nishant Gauraw, Founder of NG-NeXT, lives by these pearls of wisdom. When Mr. Parijat Verma, CEO and the former’s brother, decided to bow out from his scheduled responsibilities with the firm, the elder brother, Mr. Nishant, rose to the need and call of the occasion and now steers the ship under his astute guardianship. He now plays an active role in bringing to the fore talent worthy of helming key leadership positions at NG-NeXT.

NG-NeXT Tech has developed two innovative AI solutions, and NG-NeXT Test, that automate the hiring cycle and proctored assessments, respectively. These products use in-house machine learning models to provide end-to-end solutions that result in better hires, minimal resource usage, and cost savings. Initially developed to eliminate bad hires resulting from glitches in the conventional hiring process, these products have generated a turnover of over three crores since their inception in 2020. With these solutions, companies can streamline their recruiting process, saving over 80% of their time and eliminating human errors in manual hiring processes. Customized tests can be created on NG-NeXT Test to assess candidates’ skill-based capabilities and ensure that the perfect candidate is not missed.

With their cutting edge technology, the company will surely cross 100 crores turnover in the coming year as it plans to expand overseas and carve a niche in the global SaaS market. With the new CSO on board, Mr.Nishant Gauraw is also confident of the firm’s inherent potential to flourish in the American market. The quest for the perfect candidate to fill in the CEO’s and CFO’s positions is also an ongoing one. With Vandana’s stellar experience in the technology ecosystem and the guidance of Mr. Gauraw, the rainbow at the end of the horizon is not out of sight!

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