Day: October 21, 2022

TX9 gets patent approved for an in-house “Thermal Protection System” aiming to resolve the battery-related hazards faced by the EV market in India

October 21: The world has witnessed a greater shift towards the Electric Vehicle Revolution as an alternative to conventional internal combustion engines in nexus with the concept of sustainable development. The automobile industry has played a major role in reducing the hazards caused by the […]

Celebrating 5 year anniversary ExperientialEtc puts together a music video by the employees, Slaughter Anthem, to celebrate Halloween!

The video which mixes horror and comedy showcases the creative edge of the Adtech startup October 21: As the Halloween countdown begins, ExperientialEtc launches a unique music video, Slaughter Anthem, produced and scripted by the employees, including the acting duties. The aim of the video is to encourage […]